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To provide engineering solutions and project execution strategies that meet your needs.

Social Responsibility

VTEK Consultants Inc. is a privately held business that is founded on the principle of fair and honorable business practices through its policies and actions to ensure the health and welfare of every individual who works for or represents VTEK. This includes contributing to the protection of our clients, our communities and our environment by minimizing or eliminating the impact through our design and means of conducting business.

We believe and uphold the principles of respect, equal opportunity and fair treatment of people as our people are our most important asset. Our policies and programs are intended to develop and encourage people to grow and utilize their skills for the betterment of themselves, our clients and our community. To improve the quality of life for all and the protection of our environment is our ultimate objective.

Our business is built on several principles that govern our actions and decisions and is represented in our Health, Safety and Environment Policy.

Occupational Health and Safety – A Priority!

The health and safety of our employees and stakeholders is a priority at VTEK, as demonstrated by our "Zero Accident" program. VTEK’s Safety Management System, policies and safe work practices are designed to eliminate the potential of a safety related incident. This includes the protection of assets through prudent design and sound engineering practices.

VTEK’s culture is to promote and encourage active participation in all aspects regarding Health, Safety and the Environment to ensure hazards or potential risks are identified and immediately addressed. All potential hazards are mitigated to as low as reasonably practicable.

VTEK provides the necessary training, as tools and equipment to its employees to ensure that they have had basic understanding about safety. Rules, regulations, policies, safe work practices, right to work, are communicated and expected to be followed. This starts with extensive orientation and mentorship with senior management support.

Before undertaking of any work a safety road map or plan must be developed and applied utilizing the Safety Management System.

Designs are systematically evaluated to ensure the work can be executed safely and the asset can be operated safely.

Each employee and stakeholder is expected to take ownership to ensure a safe work culture and work place exists that is supported at all levels of VTEK. No business objective is more important that the safety of employees, our clients, our community and our environment.


VTEK recognizes and acknowledges every employee is valuable and an important attribute to the success of VTEK and ultimate our clients. They contribute and drive the organization to success. The safety and well-being of people and the ability to work in a respectful meaningful environment free of discrimination is of the highest priority for VTEK. To govern ourselves VTEK follows the following principles to shape its policies and govern its business:

  1. Strictly follow all applicable laws in each jurisdiction VTEK operates.
  2. Respect all Human Rights Principles and the duty to eliminate any form of discrimination or negative treatment of people.
  3. All people have equal rights and opportunities without discrimination and must be treated fairly regardless of:
    1. race
    2. national or ethnic origin
    3. colour
    4. religion
    5. age
    6. gender
    7. sexual orientation
    8. marital status
    9. family status
    10. disability
    11. a conviction for which you have been granted a pardon.
  4. propriate and fair compensation and welfare taking into consideration an incentive for employee to work at his/her full effort suitable for the assignment. Compensation is equal regardless of gender for performing the same work.
  5. VTEK respects the Duty to Accommodate and will work with employees to accommodate their needs.
  6. VTEK respects and promotes work life balance with flexible programs.
  7. Give precedence to the development of labor, competency and skill of the staff through fair and impartial opportunity.
  8. VTEK's environment is one of work place respect free of any harassment or discrimination.
  9. Act with integrity based on knowledge, competency and suitability of each employee when providing feedback, coaching, or performance evaluations.
  10. Support in the training and development of employees.
  11. Provide the opportunity to participate in community and social events.


We are strongly committed to conserving and protecting the environment through our business practices and our designs. It is integral part of our business operations. VTEK’s strategy in its operation and designs is to achieve:

  1. Minimize waste by evaluating internal operations and ensuring it is as efficient as possible.
  2. Minimize toxic emissions through the selection and use of equipment to minimize the environmental footprint.
  3. Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers.
  4. Source and promote a product range to minimize the environmental impact of both production and distribution.
  5. Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation.
  6. Apply designs and sound engineering practices that is practical to reduce the environmental impact of the life cycle of a project.
  7. Buy local- it reduces the footprint and supports local economy.
  8. Support individual, community and client initiatives to protect our environment.
  9. Auditing for conformance and means to find new opportunities to reduce, recycle, reuse.

VTEK will employ management systems and procedures specifically designed to ensure responsible use of resources, minimize the use of hazardous materials, energy and other natural resources, to minimize the generation of waste, and to enable recycling and reuse of materials. For example, VTEK is continually "greening" its business by:

  1. Use equipment must meet the highest standards of efficiency.
  2. Recycle used equipment and supplies.
  3. Reduce consumption and promote minimal use of consumables such as paper.
  4. Use e-commerce.
  5. Bulk purchasing to minimize packaging.
  6. Negotiate with landlords to install efficient equipment.
  7. Reduce air travel by promoting on-line video conferencing.
  8. Use local resources to minimize environmental impact of travel.
  9. Work from home policies to reduce air pollution.
  10. Auditing and measuring performance.

VTEK will promote participation and communicate our commitment to responsible environmental management by promoting environmental responsibility among our employees; by providing the necessary training and support to enable them to implement this policy; by informing suppliers of our environmental policy and encouraging them to adopt effective environmental management practices; and by soliciting input from our employees, suppliers, stakeholders and clients in meeting our environmental goals.

Our designs go beyond respecting Environmental Rules regulations and standards. VTEK challenges itself to find more efficient ways to reduce the project life cycle imprint to the environment. Reduce waste through efficient designs and energy efficient products. When designing, environmental risks and impacts are assessed with suitable and sufficient controls implemented to avoid or minimize any adverse impacts.

VTEK will continually challenge ourselves to seek opportunities to improve our environmental performance though its designs and operating procedures.