About Us

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Cultural Diversity and Indigenous Relationship

VTEK is very diverse Company that promotes and supports inclusivity and diversity. We look for opportunities to develop new relationships with local Aboriginal communities throughout Canada in all areas we serve. We have formed partnerships and have already provided learning and employment opportunities for local Aboriginals. Our people understand, respect and work with many cultures to promote and ensure our "One Team" approach is sustained. We are a relationship based organization who build inclusive relationships with indigenous and non-indigenous communities, organizations and companies. Our policies and social responsibility policies support this. The diversity our people and the flexibility of VTEK is our strength that translates into executing and delivering projects with different perspectives. This includes working with, recruiting and retaining Indigenous people. Our goal is to invest and work for the advancement of socio-economic outcomes for Indigenous communities.

Our Aboriginal Policy

"VTEK respects and accepts Canadians are a very culturally diverse and each culture brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and perspective that we all can benefit from including our Aboriginal communities. We will continue to recruit and support people of all cultures including Aboriginal people to develop and contribute to the success of VTEK and the clients we serve. Also through joint partnerships and other business relationships with our Aboriginal Communities and its members, we will continue to nurture and develop opportunities collectively that benefit each other socially, economically and the well-being of the communities we serve."