Tanks & Terminals

VTEK has successfully completed projects for tank terminals for crude oil storage, refined products, bulk fuel, chemicals and biofuels. These designs have included the following:

  • Tank design;
  • Incoming/outgoing interconnections;
  • Associated meter manifolds;
  • Provers and custody management systems;
  • Vapour control systems;
  • Launcher/receiver trap designs;
  • Quality measurement buildings;
  • Tankage and containment areas;
  • Fire suppression system;
  • Hydraulics and pumping designs

This includes ports and marine terminals, jetties, berths, and Single Point Moorings (SPM), along with intermodal rail and truck loading/unloading infrastructure. VTEK provides the following services:

  • Tank inspection assessment;
  • Confirmation of regulatory compliance (API 653);
  • Tank conversion assessment;
  • Construction Management