Marine Terminals

VTEK, specialists are dedicated to the planning, design, and construction management of port facilities, marine infrastructure and coastal facilities. This includes ports and marine terminals, jetties, berths, Single Point Moorings (SPM), intermodal rail and truck loading/unloading infrastructure.

We deliver innovative, value-engineered outcomes that have benefited our clients for years. VTEK is committed to incorporating environmental characterizations and sustainability principles into every phase of our design. These designs include the following:

  • Tank design;
  • Incoming/outgoing interconnections;
  • Associated meter manifolds;
  • Provers and custody management systems;
  • Vapour control systems;
  • Launcher/receiver trap designs;
  • Quality measurement buildings;
  • Tankage and containment areas;
  • Fire suppression system; and
  • Hydraulics and pumping designs.