Renewable Energy

VTEK has successfully completed projects in the Biofuels industry. VTEK can offer engineered solutions as listed below:

  • Reduce safety hazards;
  • Conversion and modernization: increase functionality
  • Maintenance and reliability programs; Facility design:
    o Optimize overall plant efficiency
    o Pilot to full-scale production
  • Design compliance
  • Unique piping and equipment specifications
  • Remediation and sustaining capital engineering
  • Equipment design from conceptual to detailed engineering
  • Define equipment requirements: equipment selection and procurement
  • Waste management
  • Regulatory compliance and industry best practices: environmental compliance
  • Supporting infrastructure and facilities designs
  • Operation and productivity improvements analysis
  • Identify, assess, and assist in technical optimisation opportunities
  • Manage and integrate sustaining capital programs into operational plans

Renewable Energy Engineering Capabilities

VTEK can provide engineering and project management for the renewable energies industry and is been relied upon as a strategic advisor to many clients across Canada for over 20 years. Our skilled team of industry specialists, engineers, and designers have hands-on experience in all aspects of industrial manufacturing, with a wealth of people with mill operations and maintenance experience. We manage all aspects of our clients’ needs from concept development, strategic planning, design, project implementation and commissioning. Through our extensive process and energy integration capability, we can identify opportunities to lower production costs, and optimize energy usage and power production. Through our experience with retrofit and remote projects, we have become very efficient at executing our work cost effectively with a high level of quality.