Reliability and Maintenance

Develop programs for existing and new assets, including preventive maintenance and condition monitoring, based on thorough risk assessments. Eliminate unscheduled downtime by planning and monitoring.
Reliability and Integrity Program
  • Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Testing (RAM-T) modeling and analysis
  • Associating tagged equipment to a maintenance program
  • Common database to identify the good practices and worst offenders
  • Complete inventory of equipment complete with frequency of maintenance activity
  • Maintenance Inspection Sheets
Develop asset maintenance strategies based on:
  • Analysis design reliability, performance predictability and maintainability
  • Failure Mode, Effects & Critical Analysis
  • Consequences & Mitigating Actions
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Mean Time Repair Program
Site Critical Documentation Updates & Standardization
  • Digitalizing of P&IDs
  • Intelligent P&IDs
  • Update Plot Plan, Cause & Effect Diagram, Area Classification Drawings
  • As-built P&IDs and other Critical Drawings
  • Tagging of all the assets
  • Confirm the instrumentation vs the site and vs Cause & Effect Diagram